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Olivia Booth has taught art at the college level for over two decades. Her approach is based on meeting students at their level of experience, encouraging experimentation, exploration and inquiry, persistent trial and error, and linking drawing to philosophies of being. Her classroom aims to be lively and collaborative, organized but supple, and to nurture a broadening sense of belonging and range of dialogues.


  • students who are beginning or returning to drawing
  • working artists and art students who seek a communal venue to practice and develop ideas around drawing
  • high school, young adult and adult students building the skill and distinct point of view required for compelling portfolios
  • application-based middle school students with developing portfolios 

Poetry Drawing for Layli Long Soldier, by Danielle Yang 

Dani Tang Poetry Drawing Layli Long Soldier


The studio celebrates the ever-broadening range of drawing’s expression as it does the ever-broadening span of identity expression, and strives for all students to feel seen, heard, and valued. We take technical skill seriously while staying tuned to variations in pace and approach from student to student. We favor rigorous and embodied exploration over idealism and perfection. We’re looking to speculate and be surprised at how drawn elements allow for new messages, and to maintain a sense of awe for drawing’s dimension-busting and world-building powers.

Time-Based Drawing by Kevin Loera

Kevins dance


Olivia Booth is a practicing artist with an active exhibition history. Her work is a longtime exploration of transparency, predominantly pairing glass and drawing. She focuses on how glass in our digital age speaks to us about personal and collective self-reflection. Born and raised in New York City, she moved to Los Angeles in 2000. She received her MFA in Visual Arts from ArtCenter College of Design and her BFA in Painting and BA in Comparative Literature from Cornell University. Her complete CV can be found here.

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Olivia can unlock the true artist in anyone! Having studied under her greatly increased my knowledge and vocabulary of design principles that continue to influence my work in fashion design and photography. Don’t hesitate to sign up!
Donny White, Creative Director, Donny White Designs